(basically) sira / multo | she | 18 | artist / writer / student | PH / US-EST

(tests) ISFP / INTP ?? | chaotic-neutral | Type 4 | RLUEN / limbic

"i really don't know what the fuck i'm doing."

i'm a scatterbrain, a procrastinator, and am really lazy.
i don't feel like i have a purpose, besides writing poetry, lyrics, and listening to nuances within edm. i draw, but you won't see that here.
i'll update this site whenever i feel like it.
i hate keeping an update box, so clock in as often or as little as you'd like.

"why'd i make this again ?"

social media is draining. it always feels like a competition despite posting what you love.
now i just merely sit back and watch other people make fools of themselves, and interact with nonexistent friends.
this (revamped) website is my own little corner of the internet. founded my first site on 5/12/19 out of sheer boredom and curiousity.
i'm trying to get back into html/css, after taking a huge break for a few months.
expect some loose ends as i start over for the new year. i don't really have a direction yet. maybe just a journal and link dump? idk.

here's a list of things i like in a particular order. click to find out.